Experience the courtesy of African tradition dancers from different cultures daily demonstrating their dancing skills. Feel the vibe of Township Life and enjoy the Gum Boot dancers. We offer traditional accommodation, conference facilities and a comfortable guesthouse. Enjoy the beauty and the rhythm of the culture at Gaabo Motho. We unite the world with our traditional drums, music and dance. Many different types of traditions coexist at Gaabo Motho. Experience village life as practiced by the Zulu, Ndebele, Tswana and Venda tribes originating from our ancestors long ago.

Get caught in the excitement of the traditional African games as they have been played for hundreds of years. Learn about the Tswana spirit, their graves and maternity ward. Visit our Traditional Healer for the prediction of your future and a shebeen shack called "Mokhukhu". Our conference centre can accommodate 300 people (U-shape) and 500 people (cinema style). Our Lyken guesthouse comprises 8 double rooms each with TV, phone, bathroom & toilet en suite. Rates include breakfast.